Having problems with your Computer or Laptop?
Don't worry we can fix it!

Here at JADOD IT we provide a wide range of Repair and Maintenance Services to try and resolve whatever issues you have. We perform the majority of these Services in our Workshop but can if needed perform these Services on your premises or we can collect from you and deliver back when ready.

Check out below all the Services that we provide, but if you aren't sure don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll be happy to try and assist you.

While your Computer is with us we will give it a full Service and Clean, so you get it back working and looking the best it can.

Not Powering On/Booting

If your computer is not powering on or booting this could be caused by a number of reasons, most common of which are Power Supply Failure and Hard Drive Failure/Corruption. We have the required software to perform all the necessary diagnostic checks needed to identify the problem and replace any parts that have failed.


Freezing and Crashing can be caused by all sorts of issues from software to hardware. Incorrect or out of date Drivers, Viruses and Hardware faults just to name a few can all cause your computer to freeze or crash. We have all the tools needed to check that all the software and hardware are running smoothly and the computer is virus free, to make sure your machine is back up and working.

Running Slow

Over time you will notice that your Computer starts to get slower, whether that is booting up or in general use. This is generally caused by a build-up of temporary files, viruses, unwanted software and age. We will give your computer a full service to remove any unnecessary files and software and can also recommend you any Hardware upgrades that will boost performance.

Windows Issues

At some point during your use of a computer you will encounter some form of software issue. The most common issues that we encounter are, Windows Updates not installing or getting your computer stuck in a loop and programs not opening or running correctly. We can also assist if you need advice on what software to purchase or you just need help using a piece of software.

Hardware Failures

Hardware failures don't always mean that you need to buy a new computer. Nowadays all of the parts in a computer can be replaced from the Power Supply or Hard Drive to the Processor or RAM. We have the tools and knowledge required to perform these repairs to the highest of standards and will always quote you on the price before any parts are ordered or fitted.

Spyware/Malware Removal

Spyware and Malware are becoming an increasingly bigger problem, especially Ransomware which is a very dangerous type of Malware which encrypts your files. If you suspect you have any Spyware or Malware on your computer bring it into us and we'll make sure that it is dealt with and your computer is thoroughly scanned to remove any potential threats.

Laptop Repairs

If your laptop is in need of repair we can help. We can perform the majority of repairs in our workshop for things like broken Screens, Keyboards, Trackpads, Outer Casing, Hinges and Battery Replacement. If the problem is a more complex electrical issue we can send the laptop away and have it repaired, which we'll Quote you the price and give you an estimated return date before it is booked in.

We will always Quote you the price before any Parts are fitted!

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