Here at JADOD IT we sell a variety of Desktops, Laptops and All-in-Ones and even perform Software & Hardware Upgrades. We also sell Printers, Monitors, Speakers, Keyboards & Mice.

Check out below for a more detailed description on what Computers we sell and the advantages of each, so you can be more informed before you make your purchase.

All New Computers will come fully setup and ready to use.

Feel free to give us a Call or drop us an Email for any queries you might have or to get a Quote.

Optional Services

Data Transfer

Bring your old Computer into us and we will transfer all your Data over to your New Computer including Documents, Pictures, Videos and Email.

Delivery & Setup

We can Deliver and Setup your Computer once it is ready, so you don't have to worry about plugging it all in and connecting it up to your Internet and existing Devices.


Need a new Computer? We can build a Custom one to match your requirements, whether that be budget or what you'll be using it for, we've got you covered.

Whether you need a general Home Machine for just using the internet, a Powerhouse Gaming Machine for playing all the latest games and making them look at their best or something in between, we can build it!


Desktop Computers offer you the best performance, the most features, are easy to upgrade, as well as offering the best overall price to performance value compared to Laptops and All-in-Ones.

What We Sell

Home PCs
Office PCs
Gaming PCs

Small Form Factor PCs


Want a way to take your computer wherever you go, then why not buy a Laptop?

We sell a wide variety of Laptops and can find one to suit your needs, from Budget Friendly to High-End Gaming and in a variety of screen sizes from 10" up to 17".


With the latest advances in technology Laptops now have long battery life and can now be as powerful as some Desktop computers, but give you the freedom to go wherever and use it wherever you want with it.

What We Sell


2 in 1


Need a new Computer but don't have the space for a Monitor and Computer Tower? Then an All-in-One is what you need.

We sell a variety of All-in-Ones and in a variety of designs and sizes.


All-in-Ones are the same as a Desktop, but have a Computer and Monitor built into the same case to save you space. They can also come with a choice of a Touchscreen as well to give you more ways to use them.

What We Sell




Happy with the Computer that you've got but think it needs something extra?

We can perform Hardware and Software upgrades to give your computer the boost it needs.

What we can Upgrade

Hard Drive
Graphics Card

Operating System

Power Supply

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